Aionfox adds a drop-down navigation menu for all popular areas of NCsoft's Aion Online website and its features, as well as many Aion-related resources, services, and links of interest.

This is an unofficial addon and is in no way affiliated with Aion or NCsoft. All rights reserved and no copyright infringement is intended. The purpose of this addon is simply to express this fan's appreciation for this fantastic game. :)

Developer Notes

In updating for Firefox 3.6, localization was broken. Will update for other languages when time permits. For now, this addon is NA only on the NCsoft links.

Tested in Linux: Fedora/Red Hat; Windows: XP, Vista, 7, and 8/8.1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does the Mozilla site say this addon is Experimental?
A: The Experimental tag means that editors have completed a preliminary review and made sure there are no security risks for using the addon. There is always the slim chance of bugs, but that is highly unlikely in this case because it's just bookmarks. Basically there's a different looking button now, but nothing else has changed. :)

Q: Does this addon collect or store any of my information?
A: No. This addon is a simple bookmark list. There are no settings or configurations to set/save. The addon behaves the same for you as it would any other user.

Q: Will this work on my Mac, Linux, or other OS?
A: To be honest, I don't know. I use only Windows and have tested it in various Windows environments. That said, Mozilla's Add-on editors have assured me that this should work fine on all systems because of its simplicity. If you are using Aionfox on another platform, please let me know! :)

Q: Will a similar addon be available for Chrome, Opera, or another browser?
A: It's possible. I have added this to a "to do" list for future consideration, but have no immediate plans to program for other browsers.


  • Added new links.
  • Removed dead links.
  • Updated FX max version to 34.



  • Added new links.
  • Removed dead links.
  • Updated FX max version to 26.
  • Added supported platform: Linux



  • Added new links.
  • Removed dead links.
  • Updated FX max version to 18.



  • Added new links.
  • Removed dead or outdated links.
  • Updated FX max version to 17.



  • Added new links.
  • Reorganized link structure to match Aion site.
  • Cleaned up some code, removed dead or outdated links.



  • Reorganized link structure to match new Aion site.

  • New links.



  • Cleaned up a small bit of code, corrected some links.



  • Updated AionOnline links: added Aion Exchange for iPhone and Siege times for all 4 regions.
  • Updated Aion Community Sites, Resources and Tools, and For the Fans: added new links, removed links which were no longer updated or were inaccessible.
  • Updated Get Social with updated NCsoft staff Twitter accounts and added AionStatus and AionStatus Alerts links.

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