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What do you tell a child
Who feels that he's unloved?
What words do you tell him?
When push goes to shove?

Where will you run to now?
Stay, please don't go
There are people who care
To help when you are low

How can one deny her child
To turn to another?
Undermining everything
It means to be a mother

Stop this running, down
See, you don't have to go
Stay here with me
You don't have to go

Does she tuck you in at night?
Sing sweet lullabies?
Hearing not the drowning sounds
As the child sits and cries

Boy, where has your father gone?
Left you there alone with her?
Take my hand, leave this place
No longer will you suffer.

I wrote "Adam" for a child in my hometown whose mother had pretty much disowned him
after her divorce with his father.  I felt sorry for the poor kid.  What kind of mother turns her
back on her own child?