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"Beautiful Day"

Tears of joy stream down my face, the people -- so happy -- free from the oppressor.  Children are freed, no longer to live in fear.  Men walk the streets, shouting and rejoicing.  The elderly sing praises and exuberate such ethusiasm and jubilation.

Posters, paintings, statues of the once great oppressor are happily desecrated and destroyed by the people he once abused.  News and media crews scramble around, seeking opinions and comments from anyone who will give them.  All are happy.  We are victorious.  The evil presence has lost his powers.  No more shall these people suffer under his reign.  Their land is their own now, to run fairly, as they see fit.

Flags, such glorious colors!  Waving mirthfully in the wind.  It is such a beautiful day, indeed.  One that I shall never forget.

This piece inspired by images of Iraq's liberation from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein.