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          "Black Stockings"

Cold and rainy morning
I get up out of bed
So tired of all this thinking
It gets inside my head

I get dressed and eat some breakfast
They're not just mindless tasks
My mind's still overthinking
Questions I should have asked

Did you say that everybody feels that way
But I'm not everybody.

I wore the dress you bought me
You were so proud of it
You said it was my color
You were pretty sure it'd fit

You know I had to keep it
Still not sure why
I put on my black stockings
I think of you and cry

Wasn't it you who said that everybody feels this way
Why do I feel this way?

Been a year on my own now
Looking better every day
Easier not to think it
But I miss your every way

You know I shouldn't say it
But you know I should have cried
The morning that you left me
And the evening that you died

You said, "Everybody feels that way
But I hate feeling this way.

"Black Stockings" -- written while trying to cope with the death of someone I loved.