© Nicki Faulk / Www.Nitallica.Org

          "By the River"

Busy pedestrians scurry by
rushing to meet their morning's agenda.
Bustling metropolis, like ants going
to war against an invisible foe.

Rushing waters from man-made
fountains disturb my thoughts.
Clear liquid pouring through a vessel,
shattering the silence of my soliloquy.

Cold winds embrace me, the sun
refusing to warm me with its rays.
I sit, I shiver, I find myself
yearning for your warm embrace.

A man walking in front of me stumbles,
refusing to take the obviously easier path.
Perhaps I am like him, in a way ...
as I rarely take what is just handed to me.

It never ceases to amaze me just
how unhappy people really are.
We all just put on this fake smile,
a facade to hide what we feel inside.

I, however, have a hard time hiding that
which I feel inside.
My face, a mirror to my mind; my eyes,
a mirror to my soul.

Your love is the greatest gift that you
could have ever given to me.
And for that, I am forever grateful,
please do not take my silence as distrust.

It is not you that I am avoiding,
it is my own feelings, my own heart.
Right now my heart is in conflict;
my mind, in torment.

Your love, I treasure with my life,
and I hope to someday repay you.
You have touched me in ways like
no one ever has before ... or ever will.

The river today is so peaceful, so tranquil
I wish you could be here with me now.
And though the wind is fast and cold and
chills me to the bone, my thoughts of you warm me.