© Nicki Faulk / Www.Nitallica.Org

          "Carpe Diem"

Sometimes I wonder if these feelings are true.
Does my mind and heart betray me?
When I sit to write, exposing my fears,
Is there any truth to such revelations?
With such a future uncertain
The murky waters of tomorrow seems treacherous.
Dare I brave them?  Or should I turn back?
No, the time is now.  Such moments are fleeting.
It is better to seize Today by the face
And fully inhale its vigor
Than to stand back in the shadows
Fearing that which I cannot control.
My thoughts drift back to you again.  Why
Must this pain continue?  If -- for one
Moment -- you only had my eyes, seeing as I see.
And if only for that same moment, you had
My heart, feeling as I feel -- every instance,
Of every day.
Then you would understand my truly impatient
Nature.  And you would comprehend such
Feelings of urgency.
Is it so better to wait, and let someone pass
You by?  I think it is better to enjoy those who are
Living Life, breathing its warmth and passion,
Feeling every moment.  One never knows when
You will be denied another chance.
So now I challenge you with this:  Live the
Moment, seize the day -- you will never have
A chance to live this day again -- make it count.