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A Kiss of hope on the promise of tomorrow
Leading me on to a higer path of today
I can see within my mind, your face -- so warm
Seemingly childlike and innocent
Your smile warms me, feeding my presence to no end
The ground reaches up to feel me, my feet
I stand touching the sky almost with my fingers
If I could grasp the Heavens, surely I'd give them to thee
If you were to call on me, for my last very breath
It would be given to you with no hesitation
Past crimes dealt to me float in a sea of abhorrance
Its murky waters flow to the edge where I stand
Yea, though I dare to face tomorrow
It is my past which I fear most
Every soul contains regretful thinkings
Mine -- is a regretful soul, naked in a harsh world
Your eyes pierce my mind again
Those very eyes which bring me to sleepless rest each night
I lie awake sometimes, dreaming -- of you
Thinking of the impossible, the possibilities, and the inevitable
The distance between us burrows deeper inside me
Burning in a hollow chasm, that which was once a heart
Abused and disfigured by cruel hands of another
But it is that same hollow form which now heals
By your touch of kindness and love
For which I am forever grateful
The raining seemed to never cease
Yet now there shinbes the brightness of your soul
Drying up the tears, sowing up the wounds
And mending that which was once broken -- me.