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There are times when I wish for the strength and courage to tell you how I feel.  If only to see if your feelings match my own.  The pain of not knowing grows stronger with each passing moment.  And the agony is too great for me to bear.  Every night, when I dream, I relive those moments - when we were together.  If only to hold you in my arms again, to taste the sweetness of your kisses, to feel the warmth of your skin as you lay beside me.  If only to have you to hold as mine once more...but alas, that time has now passed and I yearn for the next.  Each time I gaze deeply into your eyes, I wonder - could you possibly know?  Are my feelings so visible?  So plain to the eye to see?  Or are you looking as I do?  To see if your love resides with another, one whose arms are warm and inviting.  You make my heart soar with just a breath.  Sometimes I wonder what you are thinking...what you are feeling.  Perhaps one day it is you who will be bold enough to share feelings hidden deep.  All I ask is that you tell this truth: is what I am feeling real?  When your heart beats, for whom do the vessels swell?  Eyes are said to be the mirrors of the soul; my only hope is that yours do not lie.  Let me be the one.  Lead me into your darkness.