© Nicki Faulk / Www.Nitallica.Org

          "Dis-Illusions of Life"

Through misty illusional youth
Promises unspoken, yet told
To go far, yield bright futures
But why am I still in such cold?

Where are those promises?  The dreams?
Seems they are no longer mine
My role models are of paper
Some not of my time

Posters on the wall, dreams in my mind
Does nothing much for my voice
I've made my decisions for myself
But what of my choice?

My "love of my life", seems he has left
Yet another bad choice of mine
But maybe looking back later
It will not seem so dark, with time

It seems I've nowhere to go
To whom do I turn to now?
Sullen paths trodden by many
Seem to pass me by somehow

But now I boldly face the future
Smell its sweet breath on my face
As I long to find a heart to cherish
And I search to find my place

All I've ever wanted, never to hold
Not allowed to touch, just to see
Love from afar, not in his arms
Who could love someone like me?

In closing my thoughts, I ask the winds
To where am I headed tomorrow?
Maybe to somewhere holding waves of love
To wash away my sorrow.