© Nicki Faulk / Www.Nitallica.Org


To hear your voice warms my thoughts
When can I see you again, Love?
My heart lies heavy with sigh
When I think about how far you are away
Though the distance is only miles
It feels to me like years
If distance were time, ours would be measured by centuries
I miss your comforting touch, warm smile
My eyes gray with the pouring rain
Do you hear my screams in the distance?
You do not answer
I reach out my hand to you now
Take hold, please never let me go
Promise me that I'll never feel that pain again
Promise me that which I know you cannot deliver
But I need you just the same
Our hearts speak across the miles
Blood overflowing, beating your name
This vessel scarred deep with the pains
These hands, mutilated by the arms of another
Obfuscated, darkened by that garbodine
An ugly face forever knarled in my mind
But then the light shine changes
Focusing on your energy and soul you project
The lock on my heart is released
Freeing me from my bonds
I long for you to take my bleeding hands
Healing my heart with your touch
Just kiss me as you lay me down in the dust
Then you my truly cry, my Love.