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I know I am just torturing myself by thinking about you, bittersweet justice for what I have done.  I broke your heart, so now you're breaking mine.  I guess Justice serves itself.

It's as if you have invaded my mind with your essence.  My thoughts turn, and you are still there.  I can feel you everywhere.  It's almost haunting.

I'm alone here in my dungeon, no company save the memory of you.  The ghost of you haunts me, draining me of all my strength.

The howling cold outside beckons me, calling my name.  Though, the only voice I hear is yours.

Release me, Angel, torment me no more.  I tried to give to you my all and failed.  And to make matters worse, I took your trust and betrayed you.  For that alone, I so deserve every spiteful word, every scornful scowl that you may throw in my way.

I may hurt more deeply than you may ever know, but you at least know that I loved you.  Whether or not you believe that is up to you.

Cold night, take me away so that I may torture myself no longer.  Mend that which is broken and free me from this torment, my mental dungeon.

To you, my Angel, you still have my heart, my love, my trust.  You may not ever truly understand, but I do hope that one day you will forgive me.

I miss you, Angel.  Please hurry back to me.