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When gazing deeply into those recesses of the soul, I wonder: "Could your thoughts match my own?"  Would you know of such dark inner dwellings?  Or would a peek into my secret domain scare you away?  Would you shun me for such thoughts?  Don't turn your face away from me, Dear.

I felt you there.  Now my body yearns to feel your warmth.  I ache to feel your breath on my face; to hear your voice, whispering my name; to feel the soft, gentle touch of your hands on my face; to feel your kiss would be divine.  If only to hold you again, I would be forever happy.  To feel your body next to mine...to love you endlessly.

If love could be conveyed with a touch, then I would consider myself just so...loved.  I once believed that love was not for me.  An unfathomable fable that refused itself from my sights.  Who could love a freak?  Those who have before ventured in my darkness easily turned away.  Weaker spirits of little hope.

Of such innocence lost, I now hope to regain my self.  To once again claim that which was once mine...me.  My heart, I give to you.  To cherish for always.  Care for me well, my love; for my spirit is weary and my soul is tired.  I fight once again, battling with a sword of vengeance against those who have wronged me.  But not forgetting...cherishing you always for that which you give to me -- the strength to carry on.

"Freak" is probably one of my most favorite of all my writings.