© Nicki Faulk / Www.Nitallica.Org


There are some times in my life
When all I want is you to hold my hand
But I look at you standing there
And wonder, do you understand?

My feelings I hide deep beneath
My chest, all for a just pain
I've been to that place before, and I
Don't want to visit it again

I'll just lie here for a while
Wallow inside myself for a change
Don't tell of the tears, don't
Betray your own pain

If you're on your own, you won't have
To feel for nobody else
Never forget the love that you had
And the pain is all that's left

Look into these eyes, tell
Me, what do you see?
Full of love, depression, hope,
Evil, it's all inside of me

Hear the wind howl across the
Plains this very night
Another evening to dread will
Soon begin to take flight

Again, I'm reminded of the
Things in the past
Of things once sacred,
On which I counted to last

Cold-hearted orb, ruling
Throughout the blackened night
And all of Life's colors
Go running from my sight

My body numbs as you're
Approaching the door
Gray would be your color
If this body held a heart anymore

You remove your shell from my
Shiftless sight
As my soul aimlessly wandering
Out into the night

Although these clothes
Have warmth, this skin grows cold
And I am feeling weary as
The horizon fades to pale gold

The bright one has left me here
Out in the pouring rain
For the dark one to seduce
Over and over again