© Nicki Faulk / Www.Nitallica.Org


Walking down this road again
It feels so strange to me
Reaching down, so far I can not hide
Opened my eyes and I can see

Distant memories are close again
Feeling close enough to touch
I lift my eyes upward to the sky
Think of the one I missed so much

From the back of my mind
Feelings crawl up again
Swaying with the time

Will I fall again?
Cross the beaten path?
(I'm) Haunted by your eyes

I can taste the smell of your fears
Still running deep, through my soul
I long for warm embracing nights
To chase away the life called Cold

Chilling thoughts bring no solace now
Of what our life used to be
Somewhere deep I lost you there
With the person I called Me

I hope you can find
The forgiveness in your heart
To let go what I have done

All I ask is a chance
Only to prove to you
You've always been the only one.