© Nicki Faulk / Www.Nitallica.Org

"Hell Hath No Fury"

Writhing and screaming in the innermost
sanctions of my mind, I miss you

Crying and tearing at my soul, wanting you
near me, I hate you

Gazing into your soft green eyes, hearing
you say my name, I love you

Twirling endlessly in a vast space, a void
left within me, I need you

Touching you is painful, a seering poison in
my blood, I miss you

Crying endless rivers of tears, waiting for
your call, I hate you

Screaming your name in angst, but
cherishing your smile, I love you

Scorned woman, I am, of which in Hell no
man knows the Fury...

As I was, you are - as I am, you shall be...

Y  O  U  R     P  H  E  A  R     O  W  N  S     Y  O  U