© Nicki Faulk / Www.Nitallica.Org


If I let you, you could destroy myself
I do what I must to survive
If that seems cold and cruel, I'm sorry
But I do what I can to stay alive

I never said that I loved you
So therefore, I never lied
Never tell of feelings seen true
In Darkness I will continue to hide

I need to learn to control myself
Before I return to my dreams
I need to break through the ice
And let you hear my screams

Out to be free from the bonds 'round my heart
And also my mind as well
I'll take the bridge we built together
And blow it straight to Hell

It's so easy with me
Just laid back with the breeze
I'll do what I like
With whomever I please

I'm tired of your feet
Running over my head
Can't take much more
Or I'll certainly be dead

Suns of passion
Will do nothing for me
All I want is to love
And my heart to be free

But you are not my Freedom
I'll tell you that true
I may eventually find Love
But just not in you

The world can be so fucking cold
I've learned from cruelties past
But if you can't deal with this
You can kiss my fucking ass.