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Pitiful attempts to rhyme what my mind does speak on this night.  I saw you again, and my heart dropped.  If only to hold you in my arms, to feel your breath on my cheek, to have you kisses carressing my face ... I would be so truly happy.  But, it seems for now it cannot be.  A thousand miles stand between us here.  Lonely, I feel as though this line could bring us closer than the longest bridge -- stretching from your doorway to my heart.  Oh how I wish the day would come sooner, when I feast my eyes upon you again.  Warmth of the body that lies cold at night without the other half ... my yin without your yang.  Hurry back to me, Love ... I need you.

KOBC&N is a reference to a specific greeting that someone close
to me used to use.  It stands for Kisses on Both Cheeks and Nose.