© Nicki Faulk / Www.Nitallica.Org

          "Loving Another"

I stand here, alone, at a virtual
Crossroads in my life.
I see the person I once was,
Beckoning me to follow once again.
Then I see the person that I am,
Standing there -- indecisive
With an inability to force
Herself to jump -- head-first into oblivion
That eteran chasm, the longing for Love.
It's funny sometimes,
We fear that which we cannot control
And we search so desperately
For something that was right beside us the whole Bloody time.
Then I ask:
Why do I hesitate?
Am I so fearful that he will leave me?
Am I so right in assuming that he's just like the others?
Maybe I'm trying to reassure myself
That this is normal.
Doubting, is, after all, a part of Human Nature ...
... But so is trust.
Why am I so quick to distrust with my heart?
With so beautiful a mind comes a quick heart.
Maybe it is my own heart that I do not trust.
Sometimes I'm blind that way.
The eyes of Love do not see,
Or, atleast, so I'm told
But the beautiful meadows of Trust
Can feed the spirit of Love.
Bounding furiously through my veins,
And it frightens the Hell out of me!