© Nicki Faulk / Www.Nitallica.Org

          "Liquid Magic Makes Me Forget"

With too many glasses of this liquid magic,
I might actually speak that which my mind
does scream.  Truths kept silent harm as
much as the spoken lie.  Yet, I cannot
speak them, as I would not want to
harm him.  And it would be
by only hurting myself I should
stay like this . . . or should I speak it?
Something I've searched for, only to find
that it's still not enough.  Am I to be
so sure?

How can I be so certain as to think
that this is the one?  I do not feel it in my
very soul.  My heart does speak, but it
still sings a somber tune of want, so I

Drink to forget the pain.
Drink to forget what he said to me.
Drink to forget that I still must keep
searching for that which still eludes my
sight and that which I cannot find . . .


And you.