© Nicki Faulk / Www.Nitallica.Org


When thunder strikes, my heart beats loud
Blood shining everywhere
Pieces of me all around
Sorrow hanging on the air

My heart lies on the floor
Bleeding, pleading, in a cage
My eyes wide open hear all
My ears burning with the rage

Friendly voice beckoning me back
But I cannot fly
My tongue tastes sweet love
But it is bittered again by your lies

You betrayed me before, I let you in again
Now I am broken
Once again unwhole uninnocent
By the words you've spoken

I've loved you and loathed you
Yet you stand unheeding
I've seen you and seered you
My wounds stand seething

When best in pain
Worst joys unforcoming
Your expectations and fears
So unbecoming

I'll now shut myself out forever
To you, close my eyes
Lay you down in the dust
With a kiss, this final goodbye.