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          "Love on the Highway"

The sound of rain falling overhead
I'm thinking of you . . . miles away
Thinking of what else I should have said
Only to speak another day?

Today, of days, a dream is true
So long 'til I see the day
The day will come when I'll be with you
But how long will it take?

So far across the ocean fly
Just to see you again
No more lonely nights to cry
I'm not going back again

Words on the wire, thoughts on the line
A few loose thoughts fall into place
Racing modems, intertwined
All I can see is your face

Staring in this room so bare
Wishing that I had you here
Felling like I should be there
To keep you warm and hold you near

Circle of love and trust is formed
Statement of eternal bliss
Oneness of a friendship born
Started with a virtual kiss.

"Love on the Highway" was written to a 'cyber-love' of mine.