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An evening we shared
           'Til the sun
Rose out of the night
Your lips flow
           Like the wind
Kissing me light

(Lover) My love! Do you not remember?
           We were drunk on our youth
(Lover) My love! Help me remember
           (Why) do we hide from the truth?

When thoughts of then
           Seem gone
I just look to tomorrow
Scenes I've seen in
           Your eyes
Show no signs of sorrow

(Lover) My love! Say you remember
           Can I be your mother?
(Lover) My love! Make me remember
           I'll love you like no other

As I have walked this life only to be met by strife
I will gladly abide, if you'll stay be my side
Tell me you want me, tell me you need me
Tomorrow or today, just tell me you'll stay.