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"Next Embrace"

Thinking of you ... longing for the next embrace. I don't know why you affect me this way. You are both an Elixir of Life and a ravenous poison. I find myself burning, yearning for you, like an addiction has taken over.

Why is this happening? What is it in me that you see? From the first time you kissed my hand, I wanted you. Nay, even before then.

Why is this happening now? I just found you, and yet already I fear of losing you. Will you leave me? I hope not. Do I share with you my darkest secrets even though I fear they might drive you away? I ponder.

I feel safest when lying in your arms. Your eyes gazing over me, so warm and protective. My defenses are weak and my strength nearly depleated, yet I find strength in you.

Night and full moon are approaching, so I must close. Seeing the heavenly bodies above always reminds me of you. Reminds me of the night we spent on the mountain, looking down on the city. I sigh and dream of our next embrace.