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          "Of Choices and Virtue"

It must be guilt that rots my brain.
He thinks I'm depressed.
How could it be that I still reside in your hollow existence?
When my very being tells me to go to him . . . yet
My body still aches for your touch.
He would give me the Heavens, yet
You have given me Hell.
He promises Tomorrow, yet
You would deliver Tonight.
He holds in him love, and
You run from your fears -- afraid to face again
What has chased you from your past.
I stand here, only to be more so torn --
Between the one I love and the one I want.
He holds virtue and all that is good
You possess the touch that lights my soul.
He holds the heart of a child
And you hold the key to my heart.
If only to love one man were so easy . . .
When that one man becomes two . . .
The one I love and the one I want.