© Nicki Faulk / Www.Nitallica.Org

          "Open Eyes"

Your cruelest smiles haunt my dreams
Seering eyes on which light gleams
A slide of hand shows my fate
From shallow grave will I wake?
Hide the signs and do not tell
Of this heavenly delightful Hell
Long deep sigh, you caress my face
Yearning to be swept up from this place
As I smile, I stroke your cheek
Of my darkest love, I dare not speak
Am I a piece in your nightly game?
Would you cut me to hear your name?
Or a lonely creature, dark inside
Exiled to nightfall in which to hide
The deepest fears, hidden dreams
Covering, sewing the ripping seams
Shredded heart and hurtful soul
The loveliest nightmares still untold
Longing for lovely creature bold
Inside, the purest heart of gold
And did this creature run from view?
Open your eyes, your Angel's here with you.