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"Pin Pointed"

The sound of laughter behind me, people enjoying themselves, I find myself envious of their joy, their bliss.

My mind aches to know this.  My eyes tire, pained and sore.  I'm too tired to think of anything to pass this dreadful time.

Strangers pass by me, staring, boring a hole into my soul.  Meet the eyes of the nomad, see a part of you which you despise.  Try to hide that which you deny.

Feelings of despair as I watch the dancing lights go by ... myself wishing that I could be with them, wishing that I could somehow be a part of the joy.

It's funny, there's always somebody around to tell you what's wrong with your life, and why you're not happy, but I guess it's always easier if you're looking in from the outside.  It's a lot different if it is actually happening to you.