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"Please Say"

The words I want to use would do my feelings towards you no justice.  Like that of a love that knows no boundaries and carries no time, flows like an unending river towards the shores of happiness.  I look forward to when we may be together again, Love.  I long for the day in which I can tell you how I feel.  May Joy guide me and Strength stand beside me.  Please say that you alone will be mine.

It never ceases to amaze my eyes when gazing upon the wonderful treasure that is your love.  Your smile is the sun in my days, your eyes are the stars in my nights.  The warmth of your embrace and the blood in my veins are one in the same.  Your hands, tenderly caressing, so gentle on my face, I could love you a thousand centuries over.  An endless love, that much like star-crossed lovers of times before.  Please say that you'll wait for me.

Your lips are that of the sweetest morning dew, how I yearn to kiss them.  Your hair is like that of the changing seasons, unending, like the stormy seas of despair washing up onto the shores of bliss.  The wind is your whisper, calling me softly.  Your voice enchants me, say my name again, Love.  Your song hypnotizes me, I cannot wait.  Come to me now, Love!  Please say that you'll come.