© Nicki Faulk / Www.Nitallica.Org


Time heals all wounds
But can re-open forgotten scabs
Tearing down the flesh of memories
Best left buried in my mind.
Once Peace finds me
Then Agony rears its head
Sweet mirror, sister pain
Pushing past Joy to cut me.
Once again, now I bleed
Bleeding for the love, for the lost
What I've found, what I had;
Seething, writhing, wriggling
In the bottom of my heart
New wound, new pain, old sorrow.
Shall I show you, Love, this
Piece of me?  This part that
I hide to keep the face of innocence.
Lurking behind the mask of
Endurance from what I fear most.
Darkness will find me soon, it
Is my hope that you find me
Before it does.
A perfect world is not in me, Love.
If that is what you seek, I tell
You now to never look back.  Never
Tell me, never cast your eyes,
Those lovely green pools of warmth
And serenity ... strength that envelopes me
With a fury.  Passion that melts
Me like a candle under flame.
Do not tame me, Love, then only
To run away.  Do not heal my
Wounds, only to tear them open again ...
Leaving only -- the scab which remains
That was once me.