© Nicki Faulk / Www.Nitallica.Org


What does it mean to feel the
warmth of your love beside you?
If only to spend eternity by your side - would be divine.
Whenever you are near, I lose all hope of intellect.
To reside within your arms would be my Heaven.
Safe from all that harm me.  So far away
from the fear that chases me.
Yet, it is this same fear that prevents me
from revealing this hidden truth; my darkest secrets.
Would my love reject such feelings?
Would you turn away from my eyes?
Please do not mock my pain, for it is genuine,
it is real, it exists only for you - the one that I love.
The deepest chasms cannot separate a boundless love.
Chains of despair do not make this prisoner
as long as she knows that her true love waits.
And yet, I fight with these fears every dawn as I awaken;
grasping to the hope that you'll still be there.
Someday, together, we will bring down the sword of truth,
smashing all disbelievers, leaving them to lie
in their own ashes of hate and spite.
But do I dare dream of that which may someday disappoint me?
Hopeful wishes, seemingly true?
For, love is as soft as the earth after a fresh rain;
as tall as the trees in the forest;
as long as the distance to the farthest star;
as enduring as the flame;
as unyielding as Death; and as beautiful
as only true love could be.
Shall I chase love, only to scare it away?
Please say you'll stay, my love.
As my very last breath would exit this body if you left.
Please tell me that your heart beats for that which I desire.
Please say that you'll forever be mine.
Confirm in me all that which I impose.
Let me walk in this life, to find you by my side.