© Nicki Faulk / Www.Nitallica.Org

          "Stay with Me"

Sometimes in my life
I see things that aren't right
And wonder why they are this way

I look at my past
The future, and laugh
Why do I feel this today?

I sought refuge in another
One that I called my lover
Now he's but a stranger to me

He makes himself known to me
As if I cannot see
Again, all I want is to be free

Solace I cannot find
I fear I'm running out of time
Or am I just losing my mind?

Are my fears unjust?
Why do I fear so to trust?
Invisible chains that do bind

Now a new face enters
Becoming the center
Should I so quickly refuse?

His words not unkind
Such an intelligent mind
Should I be the one to abuse?

I shed off my past
Out, my troubles I'll cast
But only if he'll stay with me

My troubled heart he can mend
Angst I'll not re-append
Blinded eyes now can see

A glancing thought, I'll now close
Wishful heart now can pose
Enter the state of bliss

Nevermore will I cry?
Just a long happy sigh?
Give me every tender kiss

Yes, maybe now have I found
So joyful and sound
Something to last, finally

May it happen again
In sunshine or rain
He says that he'll stay with me.