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"Thoughts at 4 a.m."

I had a dream.  And in this dream you were in your true form, the cruelest of cruel.  You told me harsh things, belittled me, and told me that you did not love me.

I should have woken up screaming "No!" ... but the thing is, it doesn't bother me like that.  I kind of want it to be finally over.  To have some kind of final release.  Some closure to begin healing the wounds that you inflicted upon me.  To close the gaping chasm you have left in my heart.  I want to truly be able to move on, and not feel guilty about giving up on you, or feel like I'm leaving you behind.

Besides, why should I be so courteous to your heart when you broke mine?

Considering I really did write this at four in the morning, I'm so surprised at how coherent I sound!  *LOL*