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I try not to get my hopes up, but it's hard not to think about it.  It's hard not to think about us, envisioning our life together.

Honestly speaking, I can't imagine a life without you . . . and I don't want to.  All this time, I've been just waiting for the downfall, the let-down, the disappointment.  Waiting for an excuse not to believe . . . waiting for an excuse to be the victim again, and go back into hibernation.

Until now, there has always been something wrong . . . with him, with me . . . or maybe it was the timing.

All this time, I had believed that maybe Love was not meant for me.  But here you are, and here you have stayed, through everything -- still beside me, still believing, and still seeing me as your true perfect One.

And here I am -- until now blind, unable to see you as I do now.  A generous, loving creature -- much like those I have covetted before.  Why did I not see it before now?

Again, maybe it was the timing.

Whatever it is, I'm grateful.