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"The Life in Your Blood"

I find myself gazing at the full-mooned sky and thinking about you.  Could it be that I have at long last found the elusive One?

Jade-colored mirroring pools of warm love and child-like wonder do captivate me.  Hold me under your spell forever, mon chéri, for I do not wish to leave its bindings.

Long, sleek, dark, and tall, how I love your essence.  I can feel the warmth of your touch, and smell the Life in your Blood, and yet I hunger for you more still.

My handsome Prince of Dark and Light, you hold within you the key.  Use it wisely, for it is a gift.  Any misuse will earn you more pain than any you have ever known.

Allow me to seduce you, Love.  I long to taste your kisses.  I yearn to feel your warmth upon me.  I ache to feel your breath upon my skin.

Burning to taste the nectar of your fruit, I wait for you still.  Planning every moment, longing for our time together.  Fantasizing, I put my arms around your neck as I gently press down with my teeth.

Such a warm beautiful Love, I cannot wait to taste you.  But cross me not, as it would be your last.

Come to me, Love.  Allow me to show you wonders like that which you have never seen.  Let me show you the jewel that is my heart.  Allow me to show you the Life in your Blood, which could warm us both, binding our souls together.

Allow me to show my light to your darkness ... your warmth to my cold.  Let me into your mind and face the fears that continue to drive you away.  Take my hand, and know that I will stand firmly by your side. To face Tomorrow, to face Today, to face Forever.

After all, it is the Life in Our Blood.