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"To My Dearest Love"

In such a short time together, we've already gone through a lot.  Perhaps these are the tests of The Fates to prove that we are worthy?

All I know is that I feel for you feelings that have not been stirred within me for quite some time.  If you'd grant me the chance, I'd love to do the same for you.

Oh, mon chéri, let me show you that which is my Love.  Though, you are a man, you too desire happiness, love, security ... let me give those to you.  You need only to lend me your hand, and I shall stay by your side -- always.

My Dearest Love, you are my delicate rose, yearning to be cared for, nurtured, loved.  I can do all of these -- if only you'd let me.  Let me show you how to love again, remind you of what it feels like to have someone truly care.

No games, no lies;  just you, just me.  I look upon your innocent face ... I could never hurt you, even if I wanted to.  It would simply break my heart.  And I have no desire to break yours.  The last thing that I'd ever want to do is hurt you.

As I lie here tonight, I look to the sky, searching for the moon, thinking of you, our Love, and hoping for our future together.