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          "The Stronger Man"

It has been over two years now
And I'm still not quite the same
So many lovers, come and gone
But it's you that I still blame

No one made me love you
But I think you forced my hand
No one made me miss you
Still it's you I want so bad

You've got it all without me
She seems to love you very much
But would she suffer for your kisses?
Would she die without your touch?

And I still think about
All the times that we had
But I'm now a stronger woman
Who still needs a stronger man!

But I see where I was wrong
And wonder "was I right?"
When it all came to blows
And we forever said "goodnight"

Now I await my next intrusion
To permeate this frozen heart
To take the place of someone
Who didn't do his part

And I'm still looking for somebody
Who will take me as I am
To see past mine uniquities
And be the stronger man.