© Nicki Faulk / Www.Nitallica.Org

          "The Tears Behind the Smile"

I hide in the light to conceal my darkness
Harboring my fears unknown inside
Horrified by my own emotions, I flinch against its cold
Rage, Remorse, Guilt -- things in me of which you must never know

In the midst of night, I miss your embrace
I find myself longing for the feel of your lips on my skin,
Waking up, to feel you lying beside me
I can still smell you in my dreams
And your voice rings out in my mind
The warmth of your touch still lingers in my deepest slumber

Should I share with you all of me, Love?
Show you my whole?
Or would such things chase you away?

If I had my wish, I would not have let you go
Watching you leave tore through my very soul - which still
pains me when passing the reminders of you around me
I had grown accustomed to being alone before you found me
Then I had you - then you were gone
And I feel myself missing you more and more with each passing
moment -- as if I'm slipping away slowly, like the sands of time

Return to me soon, Love, for I cannot bear this solitude any longer
Help me to face my fears and erase my anger
Remind me of why Life is so precious
And maybe you, yourself, will learn why there were always the tears behind the smile.