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          "The Tears of the Phoenix"

I sit here and all I can think is how things used to be
Why does everything have to change?
Would it not change by staying the same?
I sit here alone, without your arms to hold me
You're so far away from me that it hurts too much to cry
Antagonistic forces pulling fiercely at my heart
I know that I need to say and what I need you to say
But it scares me to think that it might happen again
Why do I so desperately search for something I fear?
Would I jump without the parachute?
Drink the poison without a cure?
I am disappointed when your voice fails to reach me
I miss the deep warmth of your smile
I long to feel your energetic eyes embracing my very soul
We are one in the same, yet we're not
Difference only matters if it is distance between us
Flames that burn as one should be as such
Your smile lights up the day like the stars of the night
Bright, shining, full of energy abundant
I feel so full of Life when you come calling
You accepted me as I am, as no one else has
For that deed, I am forever grateful
Long had I wondered, "Who could love someone like me?"
And you showed me the way
It's amazing sometimes how we can forget
The simplest pleasures of this life
For, they must be treasured today
Before they are lost tomorrow
Simple beauty amazes these eyes
These eyes that long to linger inside your own
When shall we meet, Love?
For, this life is short, precious, and fleeting
We must grasp the reins of tomorrow
And steer into a whole new direction
Be weary of the widenth path
For, it leads only to danger and vengeance
Keep thy heart pure as the soul
And love will florish undisturbed by jealousy
Envious, coveting onlookers try to lift our hopes
Take our dreams as their own
But unpure hearts cannot an armor contain
This vessel was made for your gift, inner beauty
And I continue, forever waiting, for you, my Love.