© Nicki Faulk / Www.Nitallica.Org

          "The Wounds that Bind Me"

I stand here thinking of you
Wondering if you really know
What it means to be loved
You tell me you need me
And in some way, I think I need you too
But I don't think it's love
Time and the past have hardened this vessel
Which once beat with such ferocity
Seeming to shake the Earth itself
Alas, though I am human indeed
And it is the touch of another
I so desperately need
To love another would be a sin
I could never love another in such a way again
Yet I find myself running to the arms of another
Warm hands that hide the pain
Temporarily soothing the wounds that bind me
And I wonder if I'm being reasonable
Am I being fair?
Perhaps I could learn to love?
No, that would be doing a great injustice
Destroying all that I once held sacred
Though your touch excites me
Another's voice calms me
You are the proof of today
And he is the promise of tomorrow
Shall I be so foolish as to throw it all away on a whim?
Carpe Diem, I say
For today is only here for a short while
Then it is gone
I have loved
I have lost
But I shall continue to cherish it all
Inside the wounds that bind me.