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Part of me would feel better if I wished evil upon you, but I know that I would later regret that.

I think it would even make me feel better thinking you were in agony . . . paying for the sins you have committed against me.

But why should I always be such a forgiving one?  Haven't I always forgiven you for your previous tresspasses and actions against me?  Why shouldn't I forgive you now?

Then again . . . why should I?

In the past 6 months, you have caused me more pain and misery than any one human being.

I forgave you, time and time again . . . for everything.

But that stops now.

With this last stint of childish attacks, I see you for who you really are . . . a poor, pitiful excuse for a human being.  You call yourself a man, I call you a coward.  Hiding behind a veil of lies and the actions of others, my only hope is that one day Truth shall find you, and Justice, her steady companion, will smite you with her sword.

I fear you not.  And though you claim that you feel only love for me, it is contempt that fills my heart.  A burning desire to smite you myself for those wrongs that you have executed against me.

Though my sword is mighty, and my arm is strong, I will not commit a wrong against another.

There is a time and place for everything . . . and this is not yet mine.

Though how my fingers ache to feel the cold hard steel between them.  To watch as you writhe in agony at my feet.  To see you suffer through that which I have endured and more!

But Vengeance is not mine . . . so it is written, and so it will be.

But remember, your days are numbered . . . use them wisely.