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I wish I could alleviate your pains.  Hell, if I had my way, you'd never hurt again, but I don't, so you do, and that hurts me still.  Anything that hurts you, I despise.  Anything that makes you cry, I hate.  Anyone who wrongs you, I shall punish.  I gladly vindicate you, my Love.  I stand behind you, ready for you should you ever need me.

Last night when I made a wish, I wished for a healing touch.  To touch you, and the pains would be no more.  My Love, I would do anything for you, all you need do is ask it of me, and it will be done.  Your soul is dark and pained, yet I see a light in it still.  You are as I was, my Darling, and still am ... the Light in the Darkness.  I see within you the strength like that of ten men.  The passion like that of the ten lovers.  The pain like that of ten martyrs.  Hold fast to yourself, Dear, for I am coming soon.