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What you think and what I know are two different planes of which you have no comprehension.  My feelings are just.  You never saw my tears, never tasted my pain.  I cannot cry in your company.  Darkness fills me, hatred stands looming in the dark of night, waiting for the moment to step in and take over.  It's my fault; I let it happen ... again.  Waves of pain rush over me as the memories refuse to leave me.  I can still smell your skin, taste your kisses, and feel the warmth of your body.  All that I had is now gone.  The inevitable has now arrived, yet I am still surprised by it.  Cruel hands, move away from me, as I do not want to feel your presence any longer.  My worst fear transposed itself onto you, and my fear became realized in you.  And all over again, I'm standing alone in this familiar place that I have come to hate.  The cold eyes that now stare back at me once held warmth and laughter; now all is gone.  If the choice were to be mine, I would live yesterday all over again ... and you would once again be mine.